New sub-server to be added!

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New sub-server to be added!

Post by Taylor on March 16th 2017, 12:14 pm

As most of you know, we are planning on releasing a new sub server, along side our medium rates server. Hardcore, what this basically means is its going to be a very low rate server. Some of you have said that this may take away from our current base on the live server. I personally don't think it will, we have a few players currently on another server similar to the hardcore we're making and are more than will to come join us, this will be a choice on the login page and will be united under 1 website, and 1 voting page.

This server will be the very same as the name, hard core. Xp rates will not be high, nor will drop rates. this server is meant to challenge ones self to the knowledge of the game. quests will be buff/nerfed, event multipliers will be reduced to 2x each, giving a total of 4x instead of the 2 4x events we have currently. the saleswoman npc will be removed entirely, as will the options of buying socs from the item exchange npc. donations to this part of the server, will be very limited. no gems, gears, stones. garms and cups are still in the air, it will be limited to strictly currency, and vip. The cost of items, such as making 2s garms, gourds and bottles ingame will be reduced.

To anyone who has suggestions, to help make the server even more fun, please post on this topic below.


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