Server Updates(As of 3/7/2017)

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Server Updates(As of 3/7/2017)

Post by Ryan on February 16th 2017, 2:45 pm

The FB/SS tournament is now 10 hits up from 3
The FB/SS tournament is now every hour
The Terato Dragon now spawns at the altar in twin city robins
Their are Elite mobs in PC, AC, DC, and BI which can drop up to 2 soc +9 gears
Daily Lotto prizes have been changed you can now get + stones up to +8 and things such as moon boxes and celestial stones
You now revive in TC when you die in the FB/SS tournament

That's all as of now, GW times will be changing this week to be 12PM, 4PM and 8PM EST that's 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 in game time. Also donations have changed and more has been added to them on the website for those of you interested in that.

GW times changed
All items sold by SalesWoman now have fixed prices

Removed katanas
Added the commands /vote, /website, /donate, /forum, /chat, and /register

Speed Arrows now have 15k arrows per pack
GW pole now has 500m hp up from 10m

GW pole now has 40m hp down from 500m(lol)
Npc in tc now cant disable pots and i removed options that didnt work(which was most of them)
FB/SS tourny now gives 3k cps
Random PVP tourny now gives 3k, 2k, and 1k cps
Boatman now also takes you to MysticPheasents which drop MagicTassels

GW had some more tuning and its npc readded with everything working properly
Halos will now be given out with the class pk tourny their is one everyday mon-friday at 20:00 server time, go in at the arena guard last man standing wins
FB/SS tourny now has 5 hp from 10 because 10 took way too long with multiple people
Autocompose is now added use /autocompose to toggle it
Got GoldTrophys for donors now so they dont disappear with GoldPrize
Their is now a /myrates command but it isnt 100% accurate with the number of kills it takes per drop
You can now buy lucky time if you are not 2nd rb at the ThrowbackGhost
You can now make weapons psn/mana/hp at the UpgradeMaster in market
Manashield and Lendenergy do not work quite yet but they are on the npc

SVGs cap to 4 now with increased rates so that drops are still the same so all you need are your 2 soc gourd and garment to get best drop rates


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