You might have seen it coming

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You might have seen it coming

Post by Angeal on February 19th 2017, 2:38 pm

Ingame name:Angeal
Location/Time zone:Eastern Time same as the servers
Position you are applying for: [PM]
Why we should pick you:Since day 1 I felt in love with the server, it's simplicity, the way it's coded and I got around 50-100 ping which makes fb/ss fun as hell, I'm online pretty much online everyday and since I got full +9 I spend my time trying to help the server grow, help the new players, giving them tips, plvling and other stuff, even if you're a egy that begs for it 24/7 I am fair to everybody. Oh and also I'm a chatmod I'm usually in the chat when I'm online.
Times you will be available to be online:I'll be online on a daily basis


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