Hard Headed / Leo Quest LV 25

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Hard Headed / Leo Quest LV 25

Post by Taylor on March 24th 2017, 7:56 pm

Reward: Elite 1 Sock Weapon
APPROX QUEST TIME- 30 minutes-1 hour
Step 1-
Speak to General Goku Doku
Step 2-
Kill WingedSnakes and collect 5 poison fangs.
Step 3-
Speak to Kikori and buy the herbs(10k silvers) from him.
Step 4-
Go to the second PC map and kill the CrimsonVipers for the Viper Heart.
Step 5-
Speak to Nasosu once you have collected the 5 poison fangs, herbs from Kikori, and the viper heart. In return, he will give you the antidote you need for completing the quest.
The Antidote
Step 6-
Go back and speak to General Goku Doku for your Elite 1soc weapon of choice.


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