Ape City Takeover LV 40-60 only

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Ape City Takeover LV 40-60 only

Post by Taylor on March 24th 2017, 7:48 pm

First off you have to be BETWEEN level 40-60 to do this quest! Reward: Elite +1 Necklace around level 50. Find the Ape Merchant near the top of Ape Mountain to start this quest.
Reward: Elite +1 Necklace.
After some dialog you’ll find yourself in an Ape infested Ape City. I recommend staying away from the more brightly colored apes, they may kill you at level 40-60.
To complete the quest you need to hunt their leader and retrieve an item called a ScentDrug.
Their Leader is a ThunderApeKing. Slay him and you should recieve a Scent Drug. Hand in the ScentDrug to the ApeMerchant to return Ape City to its former glory and receive an Elite +1 Necklace.


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