Michaels Staff Application

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Michaels Staff Application

Post by michael150 on March 10th 2017, 9:01 pm

Name: Michael Johnson

Ingame name: llBadllDreamsll

Age: 18

Location/Time zone: Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Central time zone

Position you are applying for: I would love to be a GM

Why we should pick you: I have spent many years making my own servers, I love conquer i used to play retail and spend $1000 a month on dragon balls. I love the old 5165 it will always be my favorite version, i am very nice and caring i put other peoples problems before my own. I try and ensure everyone around me is satisfied or happy before i am, i treat everyone how i would want to be treated, I have been PM and GM on many other servers, i am experienced. I just recently finished school i am online 24/7 i have nothing else to do i basically sit at home and play conquer literately all day long, i also just quit my server i was working on today to come here and fill this application out i would rather be apart of a team and help/watch the server grow as a team.

Times you will be available to be online: seriously 24/7 i am never to busy i have nothing else to do but play conquer all day long.


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