Dis City / Exemption Token Lv 110

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Dis City / Exemption Token Lv 110

Post by Taylor on March 10th 2017, 6:56 pm

Level: 110+
Grouping up to fight Ultimate Pluto and his fast re-spawning Temptress harem is recommended unless your like Full Socket.
Reward: Second Reborn Token. Possible NightDevil from Wraiths.
To start Dis City, find the SolarSaint at the Top of Ape Mountain.
You can do this quest at any time and with any number of players.
One your inside, slay the undead until you find 5 Soul Stones that will allow you to move on the the next stage.
Bigger ones like Eidolons have better drop rates.
Once you’ve gathered 5 Soul Stones head up to the top right corner of the map and talk to Solar Saint and continue to the next floor.
On floor 2 you will need to gather one Quest Item from each of the four enemies.
Helltrolls drop UndeadSwords
Centicores drop UndeadAxes
Nagas drop GhostMirrors
Syren drops UndeadDust
After collecting the four items, hand them to Solar saint at the center of the map to move on to the 3rd floor.
The only thing notable about the 3rd floor other than that you have to jump down a really long path is that the monsters on this map have a chance to drop NightDevil books.
Once you reach the end talk to Solar Saint again and move on to the last floor.
Whew… last floor… Only thing left is to go up and kill Ultimate Pluto.
A side note… these monsters on this map have pretty good drop rates.
After you kill Ultimate Pluto you will receive a Second Reborn Token and be sent back to Twin City.
Dis City Quest Complete!


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